Ruqyah as a discipline is often vague and not well understood. Some practitioners have made a number of claims. These claims have not been substantiated. On some occasions, occurrences have happened which cannot be explained accurately or scientifically.

What is Ruqyah?

Ruqyah is an ancient spiritual healing technique that has been in existence for thousands of years. The basis of Ruqyah is to ask God for healing. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) regulated Ruqyah during his time by putting 2 conditions of Ruqyah for those who wish to practice it:

  1. The Ruqyah practitioner must not associate any partners to God when performing Ruqyah.
  2. The Ruqyah practitioner “helps his brother” i.e. the message of love is emphasized.

Holy verses from the Quran are commonly used in Ruqyah and are read over a person to invite healing. To increase the effectiveness, Ruqyah can be read into different food items to target healing in different parts of the body. Knowledge of elementary medicine in conjunction with Ruqyah further increases the effectiveness of the healing.

Ruqyah is interdiction via recitation of the Quran. The highest point of Ruqyah is that you can cause a miracle to happen.

What is Higher Ruqyah?

Higher Ruqyah is the convergence between revelation and the physical world using an instrument such as the Quran. You can reshape the physical world using miracles at will.

What is a Miracle?

Miracles are defined as something that is outside the laws of nature. It is often thought that only Prophets can perform miracles however the Power and Omnipresence of God is Absolute for all time. Miracles can only come from God.

A person may have cancer, drink the water of zamzam and the cancer no longer exists. There are over 1000 years of documented incidents when people have drunk the water of zamzam and things of a ‘miraculous’ nature have happened to them. These are miracles but with no human involved.

Can Ruqyah achieve Miracles?

For many people, the Ruqyah effect is either psychological or a placebo and cannot be defined in any way as a miracle. If somebody learns Ruqyah in its true sense where they as an individual can become an instrument of God, then they can implement Ruqyah to achieve miracles.

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