Projects in the Vaddar Community

The ongoing projects we support in India (Nagpur) is to give education & skills to families living in extreme poverty, helping them to break their poverty cycle and earn a better living. If you’d like to contribute to these ongoing projects, please email

Street Children’s Education

In 2010 we began our street children’s project to educate children living on the street. Our focus was for a small community called the “Vaddar”; considered the lowest caste, lower than the Dalits (formally known as the Untouchables). They were originally living on wasteland under trees but later moved to a very poor slum and built shacks which now has running water. We began teaching 14 children which was the first generation from their community to be educated. Today, 61 children attend government school regularly. We also provide school uniforms as often as possible as their parents are too poor to purchase uniforms.

Yasmine handing school uniforms to children

Anjali’s Operation

In 2015, Yasmine visited a school to check in with the children, hand out uniforms as well as to see their teachers. She noticed a beautiful little girl called Anjali with her feet twisted backwards forcing her to crawl only on her knees. Anjali was born with club foot and her parents from the community of Vaddar could not afford the operation. Yasmine and Tejadhamma (Project Manager) visited Anjali’s parents to discuss the operation. Yasmine returned to UK and successfully raised £1,500 allowing Anjali to have a very successful operation. Today, she can walk like the other Children. In 2016, Yasmine returned to India and was delighted of the fantastic results of the operation. Anjali still needs special support shoes and we continue to provide them for her.

Anjali before her operation (2015)

Anjali after her operation (2016)


Support the Projects

If you’d like to help struggling people similar to the above case studies, please contact

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